Remove clutter with storage

As a designer, it is my job to research trends and understand what people desire and need in their homes. The ongoing trend that I've seen is a desire for a simple lifestyle. People want homes that are clean and uncluttered. We want to come home to a space where we can relax and feel uninterrupted by the daily chaos that is our work lives, and the ongoing barrage of media and technology.

I am also craving this change in my life, and have decided this month that I will focus on organization, both in my professional and personal life. It's easy to crave order, and it's actually easy to create it- IF everyone in your household is on board. Trust me, after repeated attempts to organize simple things (the cabinets, the kids' toys) with very little attention paid by my family members, I realize that in order to get them on board, we really need to get them involved. One fun way to get them involved is to have them decide how they would like their items labeled. Store items in baskets or boxes, and let the kids create the labels! 

Here are some great storage containers to get you started:

Rachel WaldronComment