National Blood Donor Month

When I was younger, I set some pretty major life goals. One of them was to save a life. When I was eighteen, I accomplished that goal. At the time I worked in a call center for a pizza delivery restaurant. Someone who was clearly distressed and confused called in to order a pizza. I kept her on the phone and began asking questions gently. "Are you okay?" "Do you need help?". She eventually admitted that she'd OD'd on prescription drugs. I had a co-worker call 911 while I stayed on the line with the frightened woman. I told her that she was brave, that it was a mistake, but that she'd be okay. No one would be angry with her. I told her that the ambulance was coming, that someone was going to call her soon. We chatted a bit while we waited for her phone call to come in.  

As soon as we hung up, I was a mess. I had to step outside and cry for a while. I couldn't stop shaking. I didn't know if she was okay. I received a thank you card a few weeks later. It was short and simple, "Thank you for saving my life". I will never forget that call or the note that followed. It was very meaningful.

Now, I try to save lives regularly, and you can too. Did you know that January is National Blood Donor Month? Contact your local blood drive to find out how you can save a life this month!

Rachel WaldronComment