My Pledge to Resist Snobbery

As a designer, it is in my fate to be a snob. And, I am often a snob. I am a cabinet snob. I know good cabinets and will stand for nothing less. I've seen too many particle board cabinets with shelves dangling loose and gouged beyond repair. I am a snob for quality and for the best possible services I can provide. 

I'm also a realist and grew up with dreams of a "beer budget". I know that not everyone can afford the finest quality. I made myself a promise early in my career that I would always include all income brackets. Let's be honest- design is a luxury service. But, who says that only the wealthy deserve luxury? In order to provide excellent services to those who may be on a tighter budget, I've implemented a few new services. Read on to find out more about these below!

As a reminder and an update to those who are new to the newsletter- Waldron Designs has a very exciting event coming up and we're dying to have you visit! Island residents may or may not be aware that on the first friday of every month, galleries and retail spaces open to the public with a new collection of works available for purchase by local artists, treats to snack on, and live music. Islanders will hop from one location to the next to view the art, add to their collections, and enjoy the community. Well, April 7th is a very special First Friday because not only will Waldron Designs be hosting the event- we will also have our ribbon cutting ceremony to kick it off! The ribbon-cutting will take place at 6pm and we will have acoustic guitar and beautiful works by two amazing local artists which will remain in our space for purchase for the month!

Current Availability:

We are currently booked out through August with a few finish/fixture selection and furnishing projects available in the interim. Planning to start construction in January? Call us NOW to book design!

What we are working on:

We have some seriously exciting projects right now, and can't wait to show them all to you! On the books we have a hydroplane garage being converted to a home, a cabin that will be updated and expanded to be a sustainable dream home, a fun beach escape full of retro energy, among others! 

We have also started working with Homesquare to offer retail shopping lists for homeowners, a great option for online design! The final result means a clickable shopping list where items may be placed in your cart based on a design concept. Teaser screenshot below of a board created custom for a client- we will eventually be creating boards just for Homesquare so that you can shop a look!


Affordable Design Options

The first is "Snap! Designed"- and the idea is that we can give you design ideas to implement on your own using simply a photograph of the space. 

We've had Designer Redlines around for a while, but just as a refresher to those who may not be aware- the idea here is that you have the ability to draw up your own plans and ideas, or perhaps you have a talented friend who has done this for you. We then sit down with you, review the drawings, pull out our red pen and/or trace paper and you get to watch us brainstorm on the spot. This often ends with a lot of trace paper to recycle and a lot of ideas thrown out then taken back. But, it's a bit like stepping into the design studio while we work and getting involved in the design process.

Is there a service you would like to see us include? Have we missed something? Let us know in the comments!

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