January, February, March... wait, March?!

Really? We're already 1/4 of the way through 2015? I haven't done a single post about monthly color palettes! I haven't written an article for the local rag! I can hear you now, "Rachel, what the eff have you been doing?" That's right, I dropped a pretend F-bomb right there. It's not like I'm unprofessional or something! Ha ha.

First things first, what the eff I've been up to is a mixture of personal life craziness and business life craziness. I'm gonna come clean and share the personal a little bit. But, just a little bit- we don't need to be bored with details. I was in a car accident in December. I was rear-ended. No biggie right? Well, tell that to my neck, back, shoulders, and arms. I have been in massage therapy, physical therapy, seen a neurologist for a tremor that developed as a result, and well- that stuff takes time! Way too much time, and I'm relieved to see it all finally tapering off (including the pain!).

On the biz side, things have been GREAT. Like, Tony the Tiger Grrrrreat! I am watching a Master Bath design come together, and wow- I cannot WAIT to share the finished space images because this one will blow.you.away. I've also picked up a project here on the island that is pretty time intensive and speedy quick. On your mark, get set, go! It is also amazingly rewarding. We've gutted a kitchen and a bath (which is becoming two baths), ripped out floors, added doors, removed walls, and we're working on a couple secret rooms!! Yup, I'm excited to show before and afters of this as well. This Saturday, I am participating in the Vashon Island Home Fair.  It's my first time doing anything like this- so I'll admit that I'm pretty nervous. But, Vashonites are AWESOME, accepting, and laid-back people, so I am really looking forward to chatting it up with islanders and people in my field!

Without further adieux, March color scheme!!

This month, I thought I'd share some of the actual colors used in my projects. This is a combination of two projects I'm currently working on. Both homes have a view of the water, and this was important in selecting the colors for the space. One project is the master bath in the primary residence of a killer retired couple- I tell you, these people make me laugh so hard I cry every.single.time I see them.The bath is their oasis. It's a peaceful, open space with spontaneous glamour.  The other project belongs to an equally awesome couple with an equally rocking humor and a spectacular sense of adventure and creativity in their home. This is their summer home and a place for family, conversation, and peaceful summer comfort. 

So, these palettes were inspired by the ocean: beach glass, seashells, sand and rocky shores. Cool and inviting with warmth that grounds us. Oh and how perfect is it that March's birthstone is Aquamarine???

Some of my favorite items in this palette