Holiday Glow

Have you ever gone for a winter walk and noticed that some homes seem dark and gloomy, while others look bright and cheerful? What is it that is so welcoming about those homes? Maybe it's the holiday decor and lighting. More often than not, I'll bet it is the glow of the interior lights and activity happening inside. 

It is too often that we close our windows and shut the world out of our homes. Okay, I don't want solicitors to feel welcome... fair enough. Get a sign. I was just telling a friend that I have a habit of walking into a room and turning on every light in that room. I turn it off when I leave for energy reasons, but I also keep an energy-efficient lamp near the front window and that lamp is on 24/7. Why? Because I like to come home to a cozy glow. I like to have that spot at the bottom of the stairs that I can walk down to. An added perk is that it always looks like someone is home.

Here are some awesome table lamps and floor lamps I found that can add that warm glow to your holiday home!

Rachel WaldronComment