Christmas Decor 101

First of all, I have to apologize. I am posting this BEFORE THANKSGIVING, which honestly drives me BONKERS! But, realistically, I know that people decorate before Thanksgiving and look for decorating help. So... that said:

Have you ever set out to do your wonderful holiday decor and ended up with what looked like a frat house? Maybe you're on a tight budget and think it isn't even worth trying anymore (been there). 

Don't let the holidays squeeze all the energy out of you! Here are some basic holiday decor tips to ensure that you stay on the right track for your decor and end up with an elegant look, regardless of budget or energy level.

Use your existing color theme

If the colors in your house are a light, cool beige and pale blue, go with it! Fill bowls with pale blue and champagne colored christmas ornaments. Look for some festive pale blue throw pillows for the sofa, and toss a beige throw with blue flecks on the sofa. Whala! Gorgeous holiday decor that will reflect on your home and your taste, not what the media says it should be.

Use your existing design style

So, you have an industrial style loft? That means, you need to stop with the Lillian Vernon christmas decor. I mean it. So, your godmother gave it to you and you don't want to hurt her feelings? Put an industrial spin on it. Lay that platter on top of a burlap sack and use black candles tied with a silver ribbon. No, it's not perfect, but we make the best of what we have, right? And, who knows- maybe it IS perfect!! You've just added your personal style to a sentimental item! It doesn't get better than that.

Minimalism your thing? Go minimalistic with your decor, too!

Go crazy with the Christmas tree

Okay, don't take that literally. What I mean is that every year, most people break out that same box of ornaments that have been handed down for years, put the tree in a stand, throw a blanket around the bottom and call it good, right? Well, what if we approached things just a little differently... or a lot? 

Who says there can only be one tree? I love the idea of little planted trees with decor in burlap sacks. Arrange them at different heights on and around an old chair for a new way of looking at that Christmas tree corner. This also takes care of the problem of too many ornaments. Group like ornaments together on their own trees and supplement with colors from your home or red for a traditional punch of color.

If you can't find a tree skirt that suits your space, try something different. What about a bucket, or a basket? 

Sick of the standard Tree Topper? Tie some bells on instead!

Try something different for the decorative accents

First, take all your existing decor and put it in the center of each room. We'll come back to those... 

Fill vases with candy sticks, put ornaments in bowls and on cake platters with a nest of evergreens or feathers. Line up tea candles in a row and put them in matching tea candle holders along the mantle. If you're local, you may remember that windstorm that happened a few weeks ago. Well, take advantage of all the debris in your yard and use it as a substitute for floral arrangements!

Empty stockings look so depressing. Fill them up with seasonal greens and candy canes before the gifts arrive!

Now, go back to the decor you removed and put back only the absolute must-haves. Put the others in the boxes you pulled the Christmas decor out of to be put back on the shelves with the seasonal decor packs back up. This prevents the overly crowded look that generally makes holiday decor look like an afterthought.

Still feeling a bit overwhelmed? Contact us for holiday decorating services (yes, we do that!), or take a look at my Pinterest board for more inspiration.

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