Downloadable Fall Decor Shopping List

We all love to pop into our local decor store and get the cutest seasonal nick-nacks. Or, how about the quick stop decor items we pick up at the drug store? Sure those Halloween flashing eyes will be cute for the kids this year, but next year, they won't stick to the windows anymore, the fall signs you hang on the wall have become an embarrassment that you now hide behind the door, and let's face it the plastic autumn leaves aren't killing it the way they used to. We have to hang it up because we convinced our significant other that it was a crucial purchase, but let's face it. It was trendy five years ago, and now it all just looks old and cheap. The reason: it is old and cheap. 

I've done it too! In fact, just last year, I opened the fall decor box just to dump half of it in the trash. How wasteful, and we ended up with a very sparsely decorated home. So, let's make a promise to not do this to ourselves again! 

I've used my design brain that was completely neglected on my previous fall decor shopping trip, and with the help of an amazing group of fourteen interior designers, we have developed a downloadable fall decor shopping list that I am thrilled to share with you!

Download Now

Want to shop online? No problem- here are some great, neutral fall items. Remember, not all decor works in all homes, so while I welcome you to shop the links below, consider the style and the colors in your home before adding to your shopping cart. Still unsure? Let's talk about a virtual decor session where I can tailor the decor to meet the style of your home, and all via a couple quick email sessions!