Dorm Room Design

It's almost time... Your kiddo is getting ready to enter the "adult world" of college. They may be thrilled to be leaving home and probably act like they cannot wait to get out from under your thumb, but we all remember how scary and lonely those first days of college are and how badly we missed our parents right away. 

Create a little touch of home and comfort by giving your kid the comforts of home in their dorm. No, this doesn't mean that they won't ever need to come home. It means that they'll be thinking of you that much more often! 

I recommend my e-design option for dorm room design. We will work together to create a plan and set a direction for aesthetics as a start, but what about this personalizes the space and makes it "homey"? Well, that's where mom and dad really come in. Time to look around the house. Do you have a piece of furniture that you've been meaning to replace? Some art that your college-bound child has always loved? Don't go crazy on this- the rooms aren't that big! Pick one, small special piece and go for it- pass it on. Talk to your child and make sure it will be of use and/or special to them, and send it along. Encourage them to take decor from their home bedroom (not everything, just a few special items). 

Wasn't that easy? You have a great dorm room that was designed by a pro; provided by loving parents; that gives your child a sense of new independence; but reminds them to call home whenever the chance arises. Congrats on being the cool parents!

Rachel WaldronComment