Design Your Perfect Dining Table

Dining tables are hard to find THE perfect one. Trust me, I know. With all the access I have to designer brands, and the constant online browsing I do for...well, for blogging as well as for my clients, you would think that the table I need would have shown up at some point in all this. But, it hasn't. 

Are you on the look out for the PERFECT dining table and cannot seem to find the right piece? Sit down with your designer (erm.. ahem), show them images of the piece you are looking for. Talk about finishes and stains. The designer (ME!) will then draw up a few options, take them to the local woodworker she always works with who has amazingly unbeatable pricing and excellent skill, and voila! The table of your dreams is here JUST in time for your Thanksgiving dinner... or maybe Christmas... of 2016. 

Until then, take a look at some of these beauties:

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