December Color Palette

How did December appear so suddenly? My family breaks out the holiday decor every year on December 1st without fail. It's a wonderful way to get into the spirit of things and begin to feel the warm glow of the holidays, rather than the frigid air!

Traditionally, we think of red and green as the seasonal color palette, but I put some thought into it, and realized that this is not my go-to color scheme. Instead, I think of cranberry sauce, gold trinkets sparkling in the festive lighting, and oh, okay- green. 


I don't know if there is much that doesn't get me thinking about the color grey, living where we do, so of course I managed to incorporate this as the neutral base color, but where I had fun with this was with the color of holiday berries, those lovely bright green olives, and who can forget the bubbly? Ever notice how almost every color and feeling I relate to has something to do with food? 

Because I was feeling just oh, so festive. I also put together a fun mood board using these fun and festive colors and some decor!