Colors of 2016

Well, the official colors of 2016 have been released. Benjamin Moore made a bold move by announcing "Simply White" as their color for 2016. Some were thrilled. Others... less than impressed. I'll be honest, I was one of those who was not impressed. The popularity of white is nothing new. So, it tells me that in 2016, we're going nowhere. I have more hope for our design world.  I will give them credit that choosing a "non-color" was a brave choice.

Shortly after Benjamin Moore's color choice, Sherwin Williams jumped on the bandwagon. Here's where disappointment really sunk in. Not only was the choice of Alabaster completely unoriginal, I was already over it when Benjamin Moore did it. I can see it now "Oh, that house is so two-thousand-teen... white washed everything". Now, don't get me wrong, I LOOOOVE white. I think a white home can be elegant, casual, airy, and retreat-like. But... talk about over-saturation in the media!

Then Pantone jumped in, and I think they decided to make up for the mess the other two had made by selecting two colors for the first time ever. Neither was white. Phew! I am not sure that I see these colors happening in residential design much for 2016, but I definitely see a consistent feeling developing. 

We are craving calm, quiet, serenity. All the colors of the year reflect that need for simplicity and subtlety in our lives with technology screaming at us from every corner and more than ever, people are working from home and as entrepreneurs. We need the separation of work and life. We need an oasis in our homes.

Now, if you're not a fan of pink, blue, and white, don't be discouraged. But, before you cross it off your list entirely, take a look at these gorgeous spaces:

A little tip for these colors of the year- unless you are up for changing your interiors frequently, save them for the replaceable items- paint and accessories. The fact that these are "colors of the year" means that they will be dated at one point!

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