Celebrating Our First Year in Business!

I am a little overdue for this, as we entered our second year on June 1st, but I am so thrilled to share that we did it! We survived and thrived through the first year, and are business is beginning to stabilize in our second year. For those who do not know the background of Waldron Designs, take a minute to watch this slideshow or read the short version here:

It all began when the economy crashed (thank you crappy economy?). I was laid off when I announced my pregnancy and found it a tad difficult to find new positions with an ever growing belly. So, I decided to run with the plan I had always dreamed of and launch my own business. Because I was going for something new, I went all out and tried a completely new field- wedding planning. It was successful right away, but I was not happy. I wanted to use my training and do what really drove me, interiors. I launched a design firm that focused on helping struggling design firms. They had to let their staff go and were down to skeleton teams. This worked well when there was no business, but when that one big project came along, they were struggling to keep up- enter Rachel. It worked out well for me, but I missed the one-on-one interaction with the homeowner, so Waldron Designs was born and I've been a happy camper since then.

One year of design:

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Next, I do some hand drawings- this is a pretty rare treat!