August Palette


How did August get here so quickly?! August is a special month for me. I was married and was born in August! So, for me August says birthdays, summer nights on the beach, lavender and hydrangeas, and relaxation with family. IMG_0819.PNG

The palette I chose for this month reflects on those warm summer nights, with deep purple skies. Grass is fading and long wisps of yellow beach grass peeks out from the sand. Purple hydrangeas and lavender are in full bloom and the air is scented. Ahhhh, the beauty of summer!

Purple is a really tough color to use in a home, but it absolutely can be done! Take a look:

They say that purple is the color of royalty, and this design absolutely plays on that idea. I would certainly feel like royalty sitting in this space. What do you think?

This design managed to use a traditionally feminine color and create a modern, more masculine space. This was achieved by using a purple with strong blue-black undertones and providing sharp contrast in colors and design elements such as height and line (straight vs. curvilinear).
Can't you just smell the lavender? I can almost feel the summer breeze wafting through the windows in this cozy summer bedroom.