American Residential Design Award Winner!

Yesterday morning, as I sat at my desk, ready to take another NCIDQ practice test, I quickly scanned my email, when I saw a subject I absolutely did not expect, 

Congrats! ARDA Winner

Wait, what?! Of course, the fist thing I did was to text my husband, "I WON!', then I had to go back and look at what exactly it was that I won. I mean, I remember submitting projects for an award, but well... I generally do this thinking winning isn't really an option. Let's face it, there are hundreds of designers who enter the Seattle competitions. This submission was national, and it wasn't just interior designers. It was all of those in the building design industry- architects, engineers, interior designers, etc. How could I possibly be selected?

But, I was. And, I didn't take that practice test. I was way too excited. First, I yammered to my poor husband about the gala and how it was to happen at the same time as our family vacation... while he was trying to work. Then, I had to post about it on Facebook (everywhere). Then, Instagram. Then, I had to tell my neighbor. 

You know when you give a young child something they love, and they run around telling every stranger what is so cool about it? That was me yesterday.... and today... because now I'm telling you. 

The project that won n (as I recall) the renovation category was the Westside Farmhouse. Check it out if you haven't already. It was a lot of fun!

Rachel WaldronComment