4 Ways to Warm up a Cool Space

Grey is in right now, and I am digging this trend. While grey is known as a cold color, I cannot disagree more. When I see grey, I think of cozy knit blankets, furry kittens (what?), and fuzzy mittens. Of course, if everything in my home was suddenly white or grey with no accents and cool lighting, I'd have to offer my guests a blanket or robe at the door to make them feel at ease! But, there are so many wonderful ways of warming up a grey space.

1. Use warm colored accents

I read an article from another designer just yesterday that stated that we should choose a warm color theme or a cool color theme and stick with it. I disagree with this wholeheartedly. I think that contrast is an essential part of excellent design. Whether that contrast be in scale, color, texture, or sheen, contrast can provide needed balance between extremes. When we are living in a cool color scheme, using warm accents and warm furnishings can allow the grey to serve as a clean backdrop for a warm space. Personally, I think that there absolutely can be too much of a good thing in design. Going overboard on anything is generally unsuccessful.

Try complementary colors in spaces that have a cool color scheme. A blue space can be warmed up with orange. A cool green can use a red-orange accent. A violet shade is complemented with yellow.

2. Utilize Natural Wood

Nothing warms up a space like natural wood, and if you really want to soften it up a bit, go for a rustic look. I have yet to see a rustic space provide a "cool" feeling:

3. Use Plants

Plants create instant warmth, create a connection between the interior and exterior environment, and clean the air providing us with a healthy piece of decor. We can't go wrong here!

4. Utilize light sources

Often times a space feels cool because the lighting is cool. Lighting is so much more than needing to see. Lighting enhances color and creates atmosphere and mood. Always have at least three different light sources in each room at different levels (yes, natural light is included). Consider your window treatments as well as your lamp shades. If we are looking to warm up a space, a cool white lamp shade will not make the cut.