We are currently taking new projects for October and November start. 

Join us in our Vashon office for a 30-minute complementary project feasibility meeting. Bring photos and inspiration, but more importantly, your goals, budget, and questions! We will review your project goals, and develop an approach toward your process.

First off, please tell me your name. *
First off, please tell me your name.
Great! We'd love to learn a bit about you.
Socializing and getting to know you is an important part of personalizing the design for you.
Are there any other important people in this picture? *
We require that all decision makers be present at the meetings.
Honestly, I find this says so much about a person and their aesthetic!
Now, what you've been waiting for. Tell us about your project!
Please let us know where your project is located. *
Please let us know where your project is located.
Living room, commercial space, full home, kitchen, etc.
Is this a construction project? *
Most general contractors are booked out in advance, please consider this in your timeline planning.
This is a warning that we're about to ask you about money. I know this is the toughest part. How is someone expected to establish a budget without knowing what is realistic? We can work with (almost) any budget because we can adjust the level of services to meet your needs. However, it is important to know some basics. A designer kitchen will likely start around $50k. A designer bathroom remodels should be expected to start in the $10k range for a powder/guest bath and $40-50k for a master bath. While we are a design firm, this is not to say that we cannot assist with the smaller projects, so please do not be intimidated and do be honest about the range you were expecting.
Have you established a budget for your project *
If not, this is okay- we can help you with this before any paid consultations take place. We cannot tell you what your budget is, however. That will come down to you.
Full service interior design is typically 15-20% of your total project budget. Are you comfortable with this? *
Magazines, websites, television, etc.
We love to see what inspires you, but will only ask once. After the concept phase, we do not accept inspiration imagery. Note that we do not work with Houzz due to their unethical business practices.
Thank you! Our next step is to schedule a free exploratory meeting in our office where we will review inspiration together, talk about our process, and discuss budget and other logistics.
When you click "submit", you will be redirected to our scheduling page. If you encounter any difficulties while scheduling, give us a call at (206) 249.9860.