Full Service

Full-Service Construction Design


Full service design includes all five phases of the design process, from interviews and understanding to ideas to planning, sourcing, and implementation. Our ideal client gives us a clear starting point with imagery and clear expression of likes and dislikes then allows us to take over and create a holistic design that meets their functional and aesthetic needs.

Our minimum design fee for these projects is $5,000

The Design Process

Each project is unique, but there are many similarities and for the most part our projects follow the design process outlined below (click on titles for more information on each phase):

1. Programming: This phase is used to gather information and ensure that we are understanding your needs and desires. 

2. Schematic Design: This is the idea creation phase. Much like a writer begins with the rough draft, this is our first rough draft of the project design.

3. Design Development: This phase is the clean-up phase. We discuss needed changes and complete the design. Back to my writing analogy, we have now edited and revised... but we aren't finished yet!

4. Construction Documents: During this phase, we add all the details, notes and references needed for construction. In a research paper, this would be where the title page, index, and glossary are created, and all notes and writing checked for accuracy.

5. Construction Administration: This final phase is also referred to as site observation. It is easy to misinterpret plans (have you ever tried to assemble a piece of Ikea furniture? Imagine those instructions being 10 times more complicated and open to interpretation!) Involving the designer for routine visits and discussion ensures that the design vision is kept intact.

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