Evolving Space


Evolving Space is a service we offer for the homeowner with several projects and dreams for continuity, but a budget for... well, an idea.

The process for Evolving Space looks something like this:

  • Homeowner completes our initial questionnaire when scheduling their telephone interview.
  • We chat on the phone to determine whether this truly is a good fit for you. If yes...
  • An initial consultation takes place in your home with two designers, and a contractor if applicable.
  • We develop a schematic design for the whole space, a feeling to achieve throughout with ideas on how to approach the whole. The small parts come later!
  • We develop estimated budgets for each individual space, including design time for each project.
  • We develop a timeline with goals for completion on each space.
  • Waldron Designs will schedule reminders in our calendar, alerting you 3 months, 1 month, then 1 week before each goal date approaches. This is flexible and can, of course be adjusted!

Leaving you with a plan for the evolution of your space and the awareness of when it will all finally be done. No more half-finished projects as we get distracted and move on to another!