E-Consult/Design Consulting for Retail

Starting at $1,200

We are so excited to finally launch this service! This is a new and infrequently offered service and we welcome any and all feedback. Designs are $1,200 per room and include the following. This service is offered as we are available, which is infrequent. If we are unavailable, we can put you on a waiting list with a small deposit.

measure and photograph.jpg

Step 1

Get started by doing a measure of your space and photographing the space, using our measure guide.


Step 2

Log into our e-design platform and fill out a basic questionnaire. You will find a place here to upload documents and list dimensions. The more details, the better! Do not be afraid to "ramble"!

If your project is accepted, an invoice for design services will be in your inbox within 3-5 business days


Step 3

Within 10 business days from payment, you will receive a design submission in your inbox. Please help yourself to click on the imagery to make comments, or chat below the presentation about the whole concept. All correspondence is responded to within 24 hours (Monday-Friday).

We will have 30 days together to complete the design phase from the time you purchase your package.


Step 4

Shop and set up your space! Designs submissions include a floor plan and an interactive shopping list. Items on the shopping list may be clicked on to place orders through retailers*.

Use the floor plan to place items as they arrive.

*Affiliate links may be used


  • Floor Plan Revision: $180

  • Selection Revision: $60/selection

  • In-person meeting: $350 on Vashon, $570 Seattle area (outside Vashon)

  • Measuring services: $150/hour

  • Additional correspondence after design submission will be billed in 15 minute increments at $100/hour


*The drawings you will receive are not construction documents and are not recommended for use to build off of. However, you or your contractor may use them as a design reference.
*Emails, texts, and phone calls from you or your contractor are billed at $90/hour in 15 minute increments.
*Selections are not contractor specifications. They are suggestions that may be used to shop.