Designer Redlines

Designer Redline

Your friend has an "eye" for design and did a quick sketch for you. Or, maybe you are on a Home Depot budget for your kitchen and got a free kitchen layout. Perhaps you bought a plan online and want to customize it to suit your living style. Maybe you have some know-how yourself, but aren't a trained pro. You've done some online shopping for all your finishes and fixtures, or possibly your furnishings and just aren't sure it's going to work.

All these are great options for developing the plan for your home renovation on a budget. But, maybe you want a second set of eyes to look it over and make sure nothing is missed.

Waldron Designs is pleased to announce "Designer Redlines". Let us meet in our office to save travel time for a 90-minute consultation where we will review thee drawings completed as well as pertinent photographs you bring to the office and discuss your design challenges. I'll look over your drawings and ideas, then I'll pull out my trusty red pen, and note suggested improvements to your plan or shopping list. I will list resources (and will sometimes follow up with resources via email) so that you can confidently finish your project on your own. Note that this service may be provided digitally as well (via email correspondence). The fee and time included remain the same.