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Construction Administration: The Final Design Phase

What IS Construction Administration? I recently heard an architect friend compare it to the healthy food in a meal, but if we're to compare it to food, I see it more like a chef planning and carrying through a meal:

  1. First, she determines what kind of event the meal is for (programming).

  2. Next, she generates ideas for the meal (schematic).

  3. Then, she begins testing the meal- putting the ingredients together and tasting them (design development).

  4. Finally, she writes down the recipe (construction documents)

  5. Lastly, she prepares the meal... or in this case, we'll say the restaurant prepares the meal with her oversight (construction administration). 

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Des Moines Kitchen Expansion

A short blog with a process video showing this amazing, award-winning kitchen come to life!

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Passively Cooling Interior Spaces

hot desert

They're predicting a hot summer, and I'm planning on spending as much of it at spray parks with my kids as possible. But, during the working hours, I'm in my home office with no air conditioning, and I imagine many other Seattle area folks are in the same situation.

Have you ever noticed that your neighbor's house may seem cool, while yours is on fire? There are some simple things you can do to help air move through your space without going out and picking up that window a/c unit.

First, take a look at your surroundings. What direction is your home facing? Prevailing winds usually come from the southwest in the summer. We can create a wind tunnel by opening windows on the northeast and southwest of the home, allowing a breeze to move through. Opening all windows allows good air movement as well, of course but many people don't want to open all their windows due to noise, bugs, or dust.

Now, if we aim a fan out that southwest window, we've encouraged that air to move through and assisted our breeze.

So, now you know how to save pennies and energy while keeping cool. But, there are so many more tricks! Check out this articlefor great methods of keeping cool as well.

When all else fails, go get some ice cream at Zombiez and hit up the local pool!