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Waldron Designs New Studio!

I’ve been waiting to write this post forever because… well, it’s not quite done. We have a few finishing touches and when those are finished, we will do a professional shoot of the new space. In the meantime, here are a couple quick cell phone shots to share what I’ve been dreaming of- a design studio designed by me, for me. Who knew I would EVER be able to design my own space?!

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Interior Designers Fight Back

Imagine this. A website invites you to sign in to share pictures of your child with family. 

Years later, this company starts using your child's information to sign up for something you are morally opposed to... but the terms are airtight. They've covered all their bases, and all the families who signed up in a frenzy to join this super cool site are throwing in their towels out of frustration. What can you do? Just give up?

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Big Things in the World of Design

Waldron Designs is so excited and honored to have been featured in Pacific Northwest Homes- a beautifiul coffee table book featuring the best deigners of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho! These books are available at The Country Store in Vashon (signed copies), for purchase on Amazon, or directly through Waldron Designs! 

We will be at the Vashon Home Fair on March 10th and will have several of the books available for purchase at the show, but more importantly, we will be there to talk about your future projects or direct you to preferred professionals in the industry. We look forward to seeing you there!

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