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Why White, Gray, and Bright is a Must in the PNW

Waldron Designs has been simply exploding! We have so much going on, particularly at the start of a new month, that we've decided to shift our monthly newsletter to go out mid-month instead of the start of each month, so that you can be prepared for all the excitement in advance.


First Friday

We hosted a fabulous First Friday for July with a great turnout and amazing artists. This is a wonderful event to attend if you are looking for that perfect piece for your home. I have to admit, I've found a few myself for my home! It's not too late to pop in and see the art currently in our space by Ken C. Judd and Michael Denslow. Ken's amazing sculptures and wall art are edgy, funky, and even a bit creepy sometimes, in the most wonderful way! Michael offers a unique approach to pottery and painting that I envision working in many types of spaces, but boy would I love to see his raw take in a super modern space!

Next month, we are thrilled to have Brian Fisher and Ilse Reimnitz featured in the space along with The Parlour Snakes as our musical entertainment! You won't want to miss this!!


PUBLISHED Design Firm!

That's right. Waldron Designs is soon to be featured in a coffee table book. Early ordering will be available soon, so if you'd like a copy, let us know and we can get one ordered for you. We have a 10-page spread in the book, featuring many of the projects seen on our website. Additional projects will be added to a digital version of the book which will be able to be embedded on our site. We will probably have a little book release soiree at our studio, and you will most definitely receive an invitation!

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Using Art to Create a Color Palette

You may have seen the Color Palette Generators online. They are loads of fun and the palettes they generate can be lovely (or terrifying). If you have a special piece of art in your home and want to use the colors to influence your interior space, you may either take a photo (get the best quality you can, then crop it down) and upload it to any one of those generators. Sherwin Williams offers one called "Color Snap", and while I like that it offers me actual paint colors, I would not suggest trusting this entirely. Colors perception is not 100% intelligent from a photograph or online image. 

Image Art from Vashon Photographer, Michelle Bates. Click image to view more of her work.

Image Art from Vashon Photographer, Michelle Bates. Click image to view more of her work.

Woohoo! I have a palette. Time to buy the paint, right?

Wrong. Now that you have the color names, and possibly paint swatches. Compare them to your art. Do the swatches complement the art? Clash? Time to refine that selection to ensure a proper match or complementing hues. 

Everything looks good, now can I buy my paint?

Wait... who said anything about paint? No, seriously. This color palette should not just be paint colors. Use these colors in selecting fabrics and other finishes. Consider the feeling these colors provide when you choose that table lamp that you've been needing. In a well designed home, everything affects everything else. And, sometimes the fact that they are so different is what is considered! Confusing? Yup, sorry. 

So, use this as a basis, a feeling. But, you want to hear a real secret? Your art does not need to "match" your space! Art should be art, and yes it should be selected carefully as the size and placement are crucial for proper viewing, but does the art need to match the museum? Nope. And, art does not need to match your home- you just need to love it.

Now, go have fun with your palettes!

4 Ways to Warm up a Cool Space

Grey is in right now, and I am digging this trend. While grey is known as a cold color, I cannot disagree more. When I see grey, I think of cozy knit blankets, furry kittens (what?), and fuzzy mittens. Of course, if everything in my home was suddenly white or grey with no accents and cool lighting, I'd have to offer my guests a blanket or robe at the door to make them feel at ease! But, there are so many wonderful ways of warming up a grey space.

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Accent Walls

While I will not mention names, I recently read something in a well-known publication stating that painting a single wall a dark color will create interest without making the room look small. Sure, that is possible, but not necessarily true.  


When selecting an accent wall, several things should be taken into consideration, such as: how dominating is this wall? Are there any major features on the wall (artwork, fireplace, cabinetry, etc.)? How does the light hit this particular wall? How does this wall connect to the adjacent walls? What is the size of the accent wall in comparison to the other walls in the room?


Once the wall has been selected, the color will also need careful consideration. I have found that the average homeowner will select colors at least two shades darker than they should, based on a paint sample. The color of the adjacent walls, the furnishings, and the accessories in the room must also be considered.

Lastly, the feeling that you are going for should be carefully reviewed. Are you hoping for a spa retreat? A cozy warm cabin feeling? Perhaps you are looking for bright and airy.

A color consultation is usually inexpensive and painless. Let a professional guide you through this process. It’s a lot less time-consuming than buying the wrong paint just to find that you need a lighter paint and more back-breaking work… and who knows if that will go right?! Save yourself the time and energy, and talk to a pro! That is what we are here for!