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Bring Nature In

One of the biggest sources of inspiration for my own home is simply driftwood. I love the organic curve, the variety of texture and color, the way it symbolizes the fresh salty ocean air.

One of the biggest sources of inspiration for my own home is simply driftwood. I love the organic curve, the variety of texture and color, the way it symbolizes the fresh salty ocean air.

As the weather warms, I find myself looking forward to every moment outdoors. I have always enjoyed the warmer weather. I feel energized by the sun shining on my face in the morning. I feel more freedom of movement in my loose, lightweight clothing. I step outside and feel freedom in the open, blue sky and joy in the warmth on my skin. Nature constantly inspires the most positive feelings in my life. What better way to bring positivity, motivation, and inspiration into our homes and lifestyles than to bring the outside in?

Intronauts, Emily and Rachel

Intronauts, Emily and Rachel

Tune in to Inner Space this month for tips on bringing nature into your home and your life!

I like to bring the outside to our home in many ways with design. Tune in to Voice of Vashon Sundays at 2pm to hear Inner Space, a radio show with my friend and colleague, Emily Herrick while we talk in more detail about ways to bring nature in- through color, views, daylight, finishes, plants, and simply immersing oneself in nature.

Emily and I would love to hear feedback on the show! So, please listen in- let us know if you have questions or if you would like to hear us touch on a certain topic. Or, just let us know if you like it!!

I am currently accepting appointments for in-home consultations for July and August.

What a busy spring this has been! Homeowners everywhere are ready to embark on their design projects. There is only one of me right now, though with this kind of interest, that may change in the next year or so. My calendar is fully booked through mid-July. I currently have a few consultations booked for July, and a few have sparked interest for August. If you're thinking of starting a fall project, now is the time to get on the books! Ever wonder what the process looks like? Wonder no more! I often see designers (including myself) posting about the design process once the project has started, but what leads up to the project? I've added a few extra steps and am sharing with you exactly how I develop a plan for each project and ensure that I have sufficient time and resources to get your project done when I say it will be done. 

No one can do it all

One of the best lessons I've learned as an entrepreneur is that we can't be experts in everything. I am so fortunate and grateful to have a wonderful team of consultants that I depend on to make your project really shine. I work with a certified kitchen and bath designer, a lighting designer, a feng shui expert, a yoga instructor, a home organizer, and two decorators. I bring in additional experts as needed on your project.

Something I feared when I started my business and considered consultants was, "No one will want to pay double my rate for a lighting design. I'll just have to make due on my own." You know what- I did. And you know what? It turned out fine. But, now I utilize a lighting designer and I spend about 1-1/2 hours discussing the project with him, then implementing it. That is 1-1/2 hours of my time and 1-1/2 hours of his time for a total of 3 hours right? Well, before I worked with him, I would bang my head against the wall, read guides on lighting, consult with other designers, and end up spending about 6 hours to provide a mediocre lighting design. Today, I use 3 hours total, and my client's homes aren't just lit. They glow.

My kitchen designs are reviewed by my kitchen designer with a fine toothed comb, ensuring that I have considered everything, saving me hours of costly mistakes.

I know that I am a very skilled designer. But, my greatest skill lies in managing a project- knowing what needs to happen in the big picture. Allowing consultants to bring their specialty to the table allows me to focus on the whole and ensure that it is coming together in a cohesive and holistic manner.

And, with all that said- here are some images from nature that absolutely move me- the little things: