Design Proposal Services

Starts at $1,600

It is so hard to hire a designer when we don't know our budget, when we'll be able to afford to move forward, or what options are available to us. This is why Waldron Designs has begun offering a preliminary design service as a first step in all full design services.

This design service provides the owner with three options for their project. Low- typically aesthetic changes only, no construction work. Medium- typically minimal construction work allowing for a slightly new approach to a space, and High- providing a complete overhaul option. We provide preliminary ballpark estimates on these options, allowing the home owner to determine their next step. 

How it works:

We begin with a preliminary questionnaire and phone consultation to determine the number of spaces, general design needs, and time line. We then follow this conversation with an in-person consultation in the space, if possible, with the owner and any other key parties to determine the function of the space, casework, furnishings, equipment, lifestyle or business operation procedures and security criteria. New construction project meetings will be held in our office. We will use this information to assemble a basic written program to be approved by the owner. 

Based on the approved written program, we will prepare preliminary diagrams showing the general functional relationships for occupants and use, to include three schematic floor plans, illustrating a low, medium, and high budget range project, and three concept boards illustrating one possible view from each floor plan. See images of conceptual design work below:

Next steps:

Some people are finished at this point, either needing some time to save money to get to their ready point, or perhaps ready to set out on the work independently. For most projects, however, this is a first step. This step allows us to generate an accurate proposal for next steps and determine the best approach, on time and on budget. We utilize the information developed in the first step with your feedback to develop a design proposal for full services.