Commercial Project Survey

I am absolutely thrilled to start this journey of working together! In order to save time in our meetings, and therefore saving you money, I have created this preliminary survey. Please answer the following questions at your earliest convenience. If you prefer to discuss these items in person, let me know and I will conduct an in-person interview about your space instead.

Thank you!

Client Name *
Client Name
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Your estimated budget (numbers only)
Will you need for us to be involved in the design from beginning to end, including site observation and contractor communications, etc.? *
Are you planning on consulting with any additional outside conractors such as landscape architects, lighting deigners, A/V consultants, etc.?
Note that we do have a lighting design consultant, and can provide this service in-house.
Do you have an existing floor plan or construction documents of the room(s) to be remodeled/redesigned?
Is there special furniture, built-in cabinetry, artwork, sculpture, handcrafted metalwork, stonework, or woodworking or other architectural features you definitely want incorporated into the overall design? Explain.
Is taking advantage of a view a major design criteria?
Is privacy screening from a view or orientation a criteria?
Are you familiar with sustainable design and are energy efficient & recycleable building materials, energy efficient air conditioning and heating equipment, building techniques, and rainwater collection, items in which you are willing to invest extra money?