Achieving Timeless

Everyone wants a timeless design, and I've observed a trend with those who want timeless. Instead of timeless, they go generic. Generic and "safe" is not timeless. In fact, it's going to date that much faster because it blends so much with everything else that is current. Sure, it may have elements of traditional (remember all the traditional in the 80's that we now gag when we look at?). Traditional does not equal timeless. So, how do we achieve a timeless design?

1. Stop looking on Pinterest or Houzz for ideas.

I have said it before, and I will say it again. Homes that last the test of time are not created to follow a trend. They are created to embrace the owner's needs and aesthetic. I guarantee you that it's not because they saw something on Pinterest to emulate. Let your designer be your Pinterest. Let your designer be your Houzz. It's hard to let go, but do it! Trust me- you'll be so much happier with your space!

2. Good Design with Quality is what creates timeless.

Not generic, not old-fashioned. Quality and good design. How do you get good design? Well, hire a designer of course! It is possible to be modern, edgy, and even trendy and still achieve a timeless design with a good, high quality design. If you can't afford something with quality right away, sure it's okay to fill in the necessities with the inexpensive items, but do this with the goal and intent to replace when possible and do not fill the home with cheap trinkets. Focus on minimalism and live with the basics only- you'll have more money to save up for the quality products later!

3. Be Honest with Materials

I probably sound like a broken record here, but I can't tell you how very important this is! Maybe you want wood floors, but need something that can handle water and sand (hey, we do live on an island!). Don't throw in cheap laminate to do the job. Instead, look at materials that hold up in these environments. Linoleum is very durable, and the color goes all the way through, so scratches and dings are much less obvious. Need vinyl because you're on a budget? I get it. I really, really do. But, please don't choose a vinyl that is trying to look like a tile. Let it be what it is. Plastic is cool because it is able to be molded and shaped and because it stretches without the need to break it up into a grid. It can be completely solid with no flecks or spots. We need to embrace, not fight these qualities. Take a look at some of these awesome vinyl and laminate finishes I found!

I know that faux is a trend right now... faux wood, faux metal, faux blah... trust me on this, faux will only be a regret. Respect what you have and work with it honestly.

4.  Go Tried and True

Look at the finishes and fashions that have been around forever and stick. Think tartan plaid, solids, and houndstooth. Don't be afraid to put a new twist on a traditional item.

5. Keep it Simple

Working the details out too much and thinking of a home piece-by-piece rather than as a whole unit will be the cause of a design demise.