Waldron Designs is an interior architectural design firm known for the relationships we build not just with the homeowner but also the existing building. We honor the original intent and respect what it needs to be. Whether it is a complete renovation or a minor aesthetic update, the integrity of the building is kept in tact. We are considered to be playful and professional with a highly organized process. Our designs are understated and elegant.


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We want to take the stress out of your project, working with you to make every decision fun and exciting. Personalizing your space and helping you to discover how to express your unique personality in your home is what makes this process so fun!


Before you hire us, we want you to feel comfortable with our team. You will be having regular interactions with us and it is important that we all enjoy this interaction. Our "getting to know you" process is carefully planned and while our many visits may feel like 1/2 socializing, 1/2 work... socializing is how we do our work!


We will challenge you to think about what is comfortable and beautiful in new ways. You won't hear us asking what style you like, or for inspirational images past the initial meeting. Our focus is on interpreting your passions into your space. This is what makes your space 100% you, rather than what some digitized quiz says you should be.


Our business ethics are strong. We feel strongly that every well-designed space should be sustainable, healthy, inspiring, flexible, and universal. We are not comfortable taking the "cheap" route. We would rather do less and hold a higher standard. We design to code, and recommend permitting your projects. We do not adhere to today's 30-year-lifespan standard of building. Your project is an investment in your home and your lifestyle. It should last not just for your use, but for your children and their children.